This is my little page of ideas and challenges (& fears) or things I’ve always wanted to do or try out in the future.

Something you didn’t know about me – once upon a time I wanted to walk around the world for charity, I never did get round to it but ideas can always be updated and tweaked, never say never.

A tandem skydive

I’d love to do this as much as it would scare the living daylight out of me but I’m hoping to fulfil this wish in 2016 . . . watch out for the sponsor page.

A window display

Back when I was a small person shops seem to put a lot more effort into their window displays,  I know cut backs haven’t helped but it would be an amazing challenge.

A wall mural

I’m not sure whether I’ve got the talent and of course the patience but there’s only one way to find out.


This is something relatively new for me as I’m not sure my legs are really that sea-worthy but the idea of being out in the ocean is intriguing.

To be continued . . .



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