My Bag

I have been after a rucksack for the longest of time but never seem to find one that had all the right compartments for what I needed . . . that was until the other day.  I had a trip planned to visit London but didn’t want to take my normal bag as the zip had broken and I’m slightly paranoid about pick-pockets and London, (I know it happens everywhere but when in London I go prepared).

Anyway I had a bit of a eureka moment!  I just happen to have in the cupboard a picnic rucksack that was free from McCains years ago, it had been used once.

Rucksack 1

I emptied out the contents and filled it with my necessaries for my London trip and it turned out to be the perfect bag to take.  When I got back I had an even better idea for this bag.  It just so happens that this bag is the perfect bag to carry my creative tools around.

Rucksack 2

There is enough room for a decent sized sketchbook and the bottle holder on the side is perfect for holding water and paint brushes too.  All that’s left to do is personalise the front to cover the McCain branding (working progress).

Rucksackack 3

Teddy Girl





The Original Teddy GirlThis is one of my random doodles which I’ve developed into a repeat pattern.

Colourful Teddy GirlAs a lover of all things stationery I wanted to have a go at using this design to make my own notebooks.

Teddy Girl Notebooks And then I thought I’d see what the doodle looked like stitched onto canvas and I have to say that it didn’t take as long as I first thought.

Stitching a DoodleTeddy Girl Detail